Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not a good day

Not a good day

9:42pm November 12th, 2008

I wish I could say that I had a good day, but its just been one of those days.

This pregnancy is taking its toll on me and the family. Im highly emotional. Ive always had the personality of taking on too much and never saying no, I never go against the grain and I hate confrontations.

The day started ok, got kidlets off to school then potted around for abit, about 10am thought Id better get cooper to daycare and go and have some more blood tests done.

Had my Gestational Diabetes test and got tested for my blood clotting times.

Ive been on clexane since the start of this pregnancy, well since 7 weeks. Thats 168 times ive had to inject the clexane, why oh why after 168 would I suddenly have a reaction to it. The Dr ceased it while I was in hospital last week, then I started again and the next day I came up in 4 massive bruises on my forearms. Yesterday another 3 appeared and today another 2 appeared. OB is testing my INR levels to see where they are at so for the time being I am not having the injections. The clexane is meant to be assisting my placenta so hopefully I would have a baby at full term of normal size, well clearly its not working.

What is in store when this precious bundle arrives is anyones guess, right now buggalugs doesnt weight a lot only 660grams. I have a growth scan next Wednesday to see how we are tracking since last scan a fortnight ago, if there isn't much of a gain then OB is talking about immediate delivery.

I feel that this whole birth experience is rapidly becoming out of my control, my body is letting me baby down and there is nothing I can do about it but “rest” and trust me I am praying.

When I fell pregnant with this bub I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy being my last one ever, I havnt enjoyed it much at all, its become very clinical, almost too clinical.

I am going in for fetel monitoring in the morning, will see how that goes. But I will pop in and update tomorrow night

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