Wednesday, November 26, 2008

31 weeks and been diagnosed with IUGR

31 weeks and been diagnosed with IUGR

I had OB appointment tonight. I do have a UTI , so am on Anti-biotics, they should start working in about 24 hours or so.

he measured the fluid and it is still on the 5th cetile which was good news. He did some measurement and growth is fallen a little further down the current growth curve and bubs has put on 28 grams so I was happy to hear that buggalugs is still growing alias at a small rate. I need to go have have a “rescue” shot of the steriods this friday and that will get me through to 33 weeks. They dont normally give the steriods once you have made it to 32 weeks but he might given bubs small size.

I asked about if by some miracle I prove him wrong and manage to carry to 38 weeks if I could deliver at Northpark Private as its definetly my hospital of choice over the Mercy but he said even if I did manage to carry that long that bubs would need a high level of care in a humidicrib for quite a few weeks, he said should I make it through to 34 weeks Im looking at about 6 weeks in hospital and that is even with steriods on board, so I am very glad that I have had the steriods should bubs decide to try and make a unexpected arrival again.

I have to have fetel monitoring tomorrow and thursday at the mercy, then again tues and thurs next week and they will also check fluid levels and doppler flows through the placenta then will see him in two weeks for review.

Am having next growth scan next Wednesday with Michael Bethune at Box Hill and he is actually an OB so he will be able to go through how growth is etc with me during the scan rather than waiting for a report to come through.

As for all the bruises, have to have a blood test tomorrow to check my coagulation levels, he said I might be now having a reaction to the clexane injections

Anyway sorry about the me me me post, I did actually come away from appointment feeling more positive than I have in the last 2 weeks of actually being able to carry this bub to 36-38 weeks

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