Sunday, November 23, 2008

33 Weeks and Counting

Sorry I havnt been in, have been resting up!

I was discharged from Hospital on Thursday night, I just really wanted to get home to my own bed.

DH had Friday off so that was nice as we had a few things we had to discuss.

I had the scan on Thursday with the specialist, apparently I am a mystery with the fetel medicine people, well at least this baby is!

Results were not as we had hoped and growth has dropped further back. They have been doing a series of scans 2 weeks apart over the last 6 weeks. Weight gain should be 200g a week. Between scan one and two it was 210g, between 2-3 it was 170g and between 3-4 (which was done on thursday) it had dropped off to only 62grams.

My OB has been away this week, so I had another OB covering for him, he suggested that over the weekend that we think about pulling out/delivery on Monday :( Whilst I am sad that the pregnancy is coming to and end and that my body has not done what its naturally meant to do, DH and I have decided that if OB and Paed are of the same opinion on Monday then delivery it shall be.

Weight has been estimated at about 728 grams so not overly great for the gestation, but I have got to a good gestation as far as lung/organ development and that will most definetly play a part on bubs survival.

I have appt with OB at 12.30 tomorrow, at this stage Im not sure what to expect in terms of will bubs require ventilation or CPAP or will lungs hopefully be mature enough given that I have the steriods on board and they have had longer than the 24 hours to take effect.

I should be fine to undergo a spinal for the delivery but if its too risky then I am happy to have a GA, I had a GA with DD and DH went straight with her to SCU so he would do the same thing this time around.


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Caroline Birchall said...

Thinking and praying for you and bubs. Hoping you have a smooth delivery and i can't wait to hear the news and see pics :)
Everything will be fine i am sure of it. You have done a FANTASTIC job at getting to 33 weeks against many odds. Don't think you have let bubs down at all, you have done a great job. I know what you mean about the pregnancy coming to an end. I am feeling the same way, but also will be completly relieved once its over and holding bubs.
Good luck Sweetie xxxxoooo