Sunday, November 23, 2008


Welcome to my Blog

Ive decided to use this to have somewhere to put down the journey we are about to embark on.

That journey is adding a 4th Child to our family.

Family means alot to us. We currently have 3 children. I might start by adding a bit about each of them.

Kevin - Kevin was born in Darwin in 1999. He was named after both his Grandfathers. Kevin being my fathers first name who sadly passed away in 1987, and Gary being Michael's Fathers first name. Kevin has been such a delight of a first child, he has thrown many hurdles for us to jump and jump them we have! In June 07 at a routine Drs checkup we discovered that he had a heart condition that until that time had gone undetected, so started the millions of appointments and tests to determine what exactly was wrong and what treatment he needs. After months of waiting lists and red tape it was discovered that he has a ASD and PAPVD and he is currently on the waiting list for open heart surgery to close the hole and correct the drainage problems

Jessica - Jess was born in Brisbane in 2002 and what a delight she is, after her early arrival she has just blossomed. She is a dead ringer of her mum and just as stubborn as me as well! She also has a family name, being named after her Great Grandmother on my dads side. She started primary school this year and is the real social little butterfly!

Cooper - Cooper was born in Melbourne in 2005. About to celebrate his 4th Birthday he really is becoming his own little man. The complete opposite to Kevin, he is the real dare devil! If there is trouble, you will find right in the middle of it!

Then there is myself and Michael, we have just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and life is plodding along. After being a defence family for the most part, we are enjoying life as a civilian family these days and life is alot less stressful when your husband is home for the most part of the year!

I shall leave it at that for now, I did have a windows Live Blog, but it seems that is crashing all the time. I have an update to post on this pregnancy today, but when I can will come and copy and paste my other entries, so it might confuse you abit as it will be a tad out of order but will give you abit of a leadup to todays entry

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