Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Such sweet natured Children

Today I was out with Sarah at yet another appointment and as I returned home I was greeted at my front door my my 10 year old son Kevin.

I know this Blog is about our Journey with Sarah and living through Neonatal diabeties and a big part of that is how we function as a family.

Without a doubt its family that got us through in those very early and uncertain times.

At night when I blew Sarah a kiss goodnight through her isolette and with every bone in my body wanting to just pop her in my handbag and run I had something that alot of other of my fellow NICU mums didnt.

I took the 1 hour drive home each night and was able to tuck my other kids in bed, I was able to get their uniforms ready for the next day at school, I could kiss them goodnight, read them a story and give them a hug and try and reassure them that all would be ok and their sister would be home before they knew it.

It kept me going, it kept Michael going.


Because we had to. No matter what had happened that day, no matter what news we received that day or how good or not so good Sarah was going we had to keep putting one foot in front of the other and we had to survive. We had 3 children who needed us. We just had to function.

Did we function as normal?

Not at all, but we tried our best. Sure we didnt do walks to the park. They missed playdates with their friends. Christmas wasnt as festive as other years. The Christmas tree never made it up, but we survived.

So Id like to write a little on each of the kids.

Kevin - Kevin is about to turn 10. My baby I cant believe he is almost in double figures, where oh where does 10 years go! Kevin is one of a kind.
A few years ago I took my eldest to a Paediatricain for a developmental checkup, only a few months prior we learnt that Kevin had Asperghers Syndrome, it didnt come as a shock as I had known for quite sometime that he likely was on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. But what I was to learn from that appointment had us in a state of shock. After the Dr had noticed a heart murmour, something that had never been noticed before we set off for further tests. Over the next few weeks we learnt that Kevin had been living with a heart condition right from birth. He had a hole in his heart (ASD) and also a partial heart block.

We set off to a heart surgeon and the next 12 months was filled with waiting lists, more tests, surgery cancellations and finally he had his first catheter surgery in October 2008. He was booked for his open heart surgery on the 28th December 2008. It was cancelled at our request due to Sarah's birth and is now scheduled again for Early January 2010!.

Kevin is just so incredible with Sarah, he has a heart of gold.

Jessica - Jess is my my eldest daughter. Im very proud of the little girl she has turned into. She started school last year and it really has bought out the best in her. She is a very popular little girl, my social little butterfly. To watch her with Sarah is just amazing. She is so gentle and affectionate and it just melts my heart to see her interacting with Sarah. She helps alot with Sarah, always wants to cuddle her and help feed and change her and if she is crying will run from the other end of the house to make sure she is alright. I will never forget standing in the kitchen crying on the night that we were told that Sarah would quite likely pass away within a few weeks and Jess saying "Mummy is Sarah going to heaven". She was never scared to look or touch Sarah and the first time she held her it was just amazing.

Now onto my baby (because you know all about Sarah!)

Cooper - Coopman is almost 5, again the time has flown by! He is the opposite to Kevin. He is very outgoing which has been a good thing as it has bought out the "boy" in Kevin. Cooper is always into something or always hurting himself in his attempt to be a super hero! But he is the most sweet natured child, he gives me lots of kisses and cuddles and just adores Sarah like no tomorrow and is almighty protective over her! Its great being home now and being able to spend some good mummy and cooper time with him.


Melissa said...

I love this! Did you know, I had no idea you had 3 other children. I knew you had another one or two. But I had no idea of ages etc.

They're beautiful. Honestly. You have a beautiful family. I feel so happy knowing Sarah has big brothers and a sister to adore and protect her. She's a lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful and beautiful family! You should be so proud!! I just found your blog link on your sig while reading a topic on eb.... ! Good luck on your journey with your gorgeous family.