Sunday, February 1, 2009

My baby has lost weight

Well last Thursday we made some progress in getting Sarah of her TPN an Lipid infusions, was a big step as until now these had prevented sarah from suffering from Malnutrition.

She is weighed every 2 days.

Monday she weighed in at 1900 grams, we thought we were only about 2 days off the magical 2kg mark

Wednesday she had a loss and dropped to 1844grams

Friday she only had gained 4 grams taking her to 1848

Today was weigh day and I was really hoping for a big gain. However its another loss, so she is now only 1832grams

The cant fortify her milk due to her Stomas, all they can do is up her feeds to be 200mls per kilo, so about 15mls per hour. Currently she is on 12mls per hour

Her sugars are still fairly erratic, they are better than what they were though so that is a positive.

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