Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost 12 weeks old and Insulin Pump fitted

I was talking to a friend last night, she also had a little premmie, her DD was born at just 26 weeks and weighed a tiny 568grams.

We were thinking back to when our angels were only hours old and how very fragile they were, how absolutely tiny there where.

I was initially disappointed that I had to be knocked out for the C-section, it wasnt what I had planned and I really wanted to see Sarah being born, I was going to get the screen lowered as she was pulled out, I was going to get photos of her being born.

I dont think that I have written this detail before but I am now glad that I wasnt awake for the c-section. Once sarah was pulled out she needed to be "bagged" for 3 mins, it doesnt seem like long but had I had an epidural 3 mins watching them trying to get my daughter to breath would have felt like a eternity and it would have broken my heart. Now I know that Dr's have a duty of care but I do wonder at what point do they stop and say this is not working? Do they look at each baby and say yep this one will make it? or this one just isnt strong enough. I dont wish any mother to ever witness the OB's and Paed bagging or doing resus on there newborn, tiny incy wincy child.

Sarah is almost 12 weeks old, its unbelievable how far she has come and the hurdles that she just kept jumping and jumping, its like she has been on a obstacle course jumping this and weaving this!

On Monday morning they installed her Insulin pump after some teething problems the first day we seem to have it working. Her levels were down between 5-7 last night for about 8 hours but climbed back up to 20 about 4am this morning, so they have made an adjustment to her insulin base rate for the next four hours and we will see if that helps her.

The surgeons have been around as her Stoma has prolapsed which means that more of the bowel has come out so surgery has been booked for ASAP possibly Friday or Monday next week.

I cant wait to change a dirty nappy! Now that is something that I thought Id never say, but Im excited. Sarah has never had a dirty nappy in her life so far, and its amazing what things you get excited over on this journey through NICU. I remember changing her nappy for the first time when she was about a week old, something so simple yet to me was such an exciting thing, just one of those things that you take for granted with a full term baby.

She is also taking oral feeds really well, last night had 5 oral feeds in a row, which is quite alot for a baby her size and she is on 2 hourly feeds so does tire more quickly. Hopefully today we are going to 3 hourly feeds which will be better for Sarah!

Well am signing off for now, am staying at Ronald MCDonald house this week, which is great to only be across the road from my girl!

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