Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 weeks old

I dont know where the last 12 weeks has gone.

My daughter continues to amaze me day in and day out. Ive just done a montage of her journey.

It dawned on me today that Im going to bring my daughter home in a car seat, I am going to walk out of the neonatal unit with my precious girl in a pram and drive her home and put her in her cradle that has been set up since October.

Here is the montage.

From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone for your support, you all picked me up when I had no hope left, as I sat there watching my child slip away, but she was determined to stay here for the time being and for that I am eternally grateful

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SandyR said...

Oh sweet, I cried the whole way through! Just so precious. I am so blessed to have been able to share some of this journey with you. Here's to many many more gorgeous photo's of seeing your special girl Sarah grow.

Amanda said...

You are an amazing mother! My daughter was born with mid-gut volvulous with malrotation, at 37 weeks almost 13 years ago (diagnosis and op at day 2) so I can understand some of your highs and lows, fears and tribulations.

Your montage was absolutely beautiful and I thank you for sharing.