Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Today you are 9 weeks old, that is 63 days in hospital.

When I think how much you have endured it breaks my heart, why oh why did this have to happen to you, I have asked this question over and over and over and I still don't have an answer I'm afraid.

Shit when I look back over the last 9 weeks lets see what you have faced

* You entered the world at just 735grams
* Day 2 you were ventilated, placed on Morphene and transferred to the Childrens Hospital
* Day 6 - Your bowel was malrotated and you were operated on
* week 3 you got NEC and your feeds were stopped
* You spent your first Christmas in hospital
* At 6 weeks old you were diagnosed with "No Pancreas" and "Neonatal Diabetes"
* We were told that your prognosis wasnt good and to prepare to say goodbye over the coming weeks
* You were not ready to give up so you proved them wrong and kept on going and going

Now you are 9 weeks old, you now weigh 1848 grams and anyday now will come out of your humidicrib, you are also about to have another operation to put your bowel back into one peice.

You are one amazing little girl, through everything you have held on, some days its been touch and go and we have been prepared to say goodbye. You are definetly a gift sent from heaven and there is som gaurdian angel up there watching over you, I dont know who it is but they are one special person for letting you stay with us

Love you to the moon and back again


Katrina said...

Kat, I just can't believe how far you and Sarah have come over the past weeks.... She sure seems to be meant to be on this earth - such a fighter!!!

And you - the strength you show every day - I know you may not feel strong at all, but from the outside looking in you are one of the most strongest women out there!!! Without your strength who knows what may be happening now, instead you now have the opportunity to start looking forward to a wonderful future with your little girl...

Sometimes we're not meant to know the answers as to why things happen, but my gosh, the example you have shown to so many out there on being gracious, loving, strong, proud and humble is amazing!!!!


Danni said...

It sounds like little Sarah is a fighter and I hope she continues to go from strength to strength!