Friday, January 2, 2009

5 weeks old

Dear Sarah,

You are 5 weeks old today.

Each day seems to go so slowly, the day drags on while I sit beside you in your incubator, I just sit there and watch you, I listen to all the machines, I watch the monitor, I stare at you and every day that passes I fall more in love with you each and every day, you are amazing and your strength is also amazing.

You had some visitors today, your Aunty Glenda came to see you. She saw you when you were 2 days old, you were fairly sick, infact she came to the Mercy on the Sunday, your stomach was distended and you were in pain and had been placed on Morphene and ventilated, you wernt moving or responding to touch, you were there resting and gathering all your strength to fight the battle ahead. Today you were so much better, you were opening your eyes, you even turn your head towards me when I talk to you, its a feeling I cant describe to know that you know I am your Mummy and that you are getting to know my voice.

In the last week you have had a few up and down days. You had trouble tolerating your feeds and you had really high fluid losses over 2 days, unfortently all that weight you had put on to get to 1190grams you lost over a 24 hour period, so it dropped you back to 1040grams.

On New years eve you needed another blood transfusion, but boy did it help you, I went to see you on New Years Day and you were so much more alert and so much more pinker!

You get weighed tomorrow again, it will be interesting to see how you go. I can tell you have grown, you are still a tiny little dot but you are starting to fill out. You are taking shape and really starting to look like a "baby"

Some good news came today. Last night your lood sugar levels went up to 21, normally they would increase the amount of insulin they are giving you, but they decided to try something different. You are receiving nutrition through a drip until you are on "full feeds" the nutrition drip has 15% sugar in it, so they have reduced the rate at which you are getting this and your sugar levels have come down to between 5-8 and they have been stable all day, the nurse seemed to think that you were getting too much sugar and that your pancreas may be starting to work and maybe now that you are over a kilo its deeloping abit more.

Well baby girl I am heading off now, Im about to come back in and see you an deliver some more milk!

Love Mummy and Daddy!

Oh I forgot, I am going to add some photos from birth to today so people can see you are growing!


Scrapping Mum of 3 said...

Love the pics :) She is doing such a good job in fighting, and what gorgeous eyes she has :) You, Mick, Sarah and the family continue to be in my thoughts (((((HUGS)))))

Mel said...

Beautiful photos of a precious little girl! *HUGS*