Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facing fear for charity (Whittlesea Leader, 08 Feb 2011, Page 7)

Facing fear for charity

Whittlesea Leader
08 Feb 2011

MILL Park mother of four Karina Caton is no fan of heights. But when it comes to her children, especially her two-year-old daughter Sarah, who was born without a pancreas, she is willing to drop from the sky at an altitude of 3000m. On March 3, Mrs...read more...

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I just wanted to say 'Hi'.

My daughter (Twin 2) who is now 4 Months old was diagnosed with Pancreatic Agenesis a few days after she was born. This is a very rare disorder (only 14 known cases in the world). As a result she has permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus (Type 1) and is taking Pancreatin supplements to avoid malabsorption of her milk.

She has just received approval to be moved onto an insulin pump which I believe will be the Minimed Paradigm Veo.

As we have Twin 1 and other children at home, we are finding it difficult to balance home / work / hospital life. The learning has been steep, and we are continuing to learn more every day.

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