Monday, February 15, 2010

Inspiring Mums

I have alot to update on, but its late so I shall come back and blog tomorrow
But I just wanted to Share this message.
Another D mum that I met through Essential Baby Website sent me this message tonight. She has entered a competition about Inspiring Mums.
My inspiring mum is a friend named Karina Caton. Karina gave birth to her 4th child Sarah on the 28.11.2008. Sarah was born 9 weeks early and weighing only 735g. We met through an online support forum for parents with diabetic children, but Little Sarah was different to the rest. She was actually born with no pancreas, among other health issues including needing both bowel and heart surgery.

Sarah is a fighter, in hospital numerous times and I dont belive she would be here if it wasnt for her wonderful mum (and of course dad) Sarah was given a very slim chance of living when she was born.

Karina is a fabulous support for all other mums of diabetic children, often giving us advice when it comes to issues we may face. But all along, she knows life with Sarah may be short. Sarah is the only child in Australia to be born with no pancreas.... See more

Just before Christmas the family were dealt a blow when their house was burgled whilst at the hospital with their eldest son, who was having tests for his own heart surgery. Karina went on National Television pleading for the return of her most precious item - pictures of Sarah from when she was born, the only thing that could not be replaced.

Plus then in late January, they dealt another blow finding out that little Sarah would need a liver transplant within 6mo to 5 years - depending on how quick the disease progresses.

I thought my life was hard being a single mum to a 4yo type 1 diabetic, but when I reflect on my own life and Karina's, I realise I am not so bad. Not saying that Karina's life is bad, but as the parent of another diabetic child, I wouldnt wish this on anyone, let alone all the other health complications little Sarah has.

I have never met Karina as we live in totally different states, but I really do believe she is such an inspiration to mums out there. We have formed a close bond and I am glad to have met Karina, although I wish it was in better circumstances.

I have met alot of inspiring mums in the last 12+ months, so many have given me strenth, inspiration, courage, support and kindness. The friends have I have met especially through the essential baby website and also through a Diabetic Mummies Morning Tea group that I am part of are truly inspirational. They give me so much support, I have no idea where Id be today without each and everyone of them.

So do you have a inspirational Mum story to share, if so Id love to her them. If its ok with you I will post them here on this blog.

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Heather James - Inspiring Mums™ said...

Hello Karina

My name is Heather James, from Inspiring Mums™. A friend of yours Catherine entered a competition to share a real life mum inspiring story. Both you and Catherine have won an A6 Notebook design by Chicken Ink. Creative
We have been so moved by your story we would like to feature you at Inspiring Mums™ and Inspiring Mums™TV this Friday. I do a live streaming show every fortnight and would like to share your story with our fans of which we have 1400+ now. Best wishes for health and wellbeing of you all.
Heather xxx