Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The First 10 Days

It all started 10 days ago and wow what a journey so far

I guess it all started at 30 weeks.Bub had been measuring small since 24 weeks so I was on fortnightly growth scans. first it was 3 weeks behind, then 4 weeks, then 6 weeks. So at 30 weeks it was recommended that I have an amnio done. That night I had a gush of fluid and contractions a few hours later, they managed to stop them with nifedipine. Then 2 weeks later sitting at home and again the contractions start, back to hospital start nifidipine again and labour is stalled once again. Have a groeth scan and we are at 728 grams at 32.6 weeks. Discharged from hospital on the Friday night my the OB covering for my OB. See my OB on the Monday, feeling great again. He puts me on daily CTG's and twice dialy Bio-Physical profiles.

Tuesday CTG is great, Wednesday CTG and Scan are perfect, Thursday CTG is again great, Friday is where it all unravelled.

Go for CTG midwife tries for 30 mins to pick up the heartbeat to no avail, suggests that bubs may have moved position and we shoul do the scan first. Taken round to the Peri-Natal Dr to perform the scan, measures AFI and S/D Flows, then starts prodding my tummy trying to get the baby to move, I could see the heart beating so was not at all worried. She then tells the midwife to get my OB on the phone and quickly. She tells me that my baby isnt doing to well and she is going to find my OB as she had seen him in the hospital earlier and to lay on my side and not to move, the midwife then holds the probe on me and watches bubs heartbeat.

OB walks in the room they look at a few things and then he says Im sorry but we have to deliver now, the bloodflow to your baby is absent and she is in distress.

he calls a code green and people coming running in, I want to call my husband but they tell me there is no time and they will call for me.

At 1.15pm I was having a scan, at 1.54pm my tiny daughter is born by c-section.

Welcome to the world Sarah Claire, you weight just 735g, 37cms long and HC 24cms.

You are breathing, you are on CPAP whisked straight up to NICU. You are enjoying you little nest in your incubator.

After a day they change you to low flow oxygen, you are doing fantastic or so I think. The Drs then tell me that your adbo is distended and they are starting you on anti-biotics.

On day 2 mummys dear friend comes to meet you. We go downstairs for a coffee then I take her up to meet you. As I walk over to your corner, there are doctors everywhere, they come over and say we are putting her on the ventilator and morphine, her stomach isnt getting any better and she is starting to feel some pain from it.

later that day they come and see me on the post natal ward, its not good news I can tell. You stomach is becoming more distended and they are worried that you have a bowel obstruction. They tell me they have called the NETS team and they are coming to get you and taking you to the Royal Childrens Hospital. I call your Daddy, tell him to come quickly so he can go with you.

You get settled in, after 4 days they decide they cant wait any longer, your not getting better so they are going to operate.

They operate and find that your first poos are blocking your bowel its very thick and sticky so they clean you out and due to your size they cant re-attach your bowel so you have a stoma, when you reach 2kgs they will be able to reattach it.

You are now 10 days old, you are off your ventilator and back on CPAP and your bowel is now working.

Tonight you are having your very first milk feed and that is very exciting for your mum, you are taking baby steps, small steps to the path to home where you belong.

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